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    Social Media Presentation by Wellesley College 

    On Thursday, September 6, Bigelow hosted a very informative presentation by researchers from Wellesley College and the University of Wisconsin on young adolescent use of social media. They shared interesting data from a study done last year of parents, students, and staff at Bigelow and two other middle schools.  The group also shared suggestions for parents in managing their children's social media use based upon the limited research that exists in this field. 

    CLICK HERE to go see a Video Recording of the presentation given on Thursday, Sept. 6. There's lots of interesting information in the video. 

    CLICK HERE to go to view the Powerpoint Slide Show used during the presentation

    Our thanks to Dr. Megan Moreno from the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Jennifer Grossman and Dr. Linda Charmaraman from Wellesley College for sharing their research with us.