• Enrichment Activities 2018-2019

    Our Enrichment activities run everyday except Tuesdays. The time is from 3:05 to 4:05 (there are some exceptions). Most activities are show up and sign in. Others are limited and require a sign-up. Those activities will be noted. Our after school program director is Katrina Antonellis (antonellisk@newton.k12.ma.us). Please contact the advisor of the activity directly if you have questions. This schedule will be revised when activities are added or have ended. Enrichment Program will begin the week of Sept. 17th.

  • Monday
    Harry Potter Club
    Room 124
    Advisor: Diane Pollard


    Room 157
    Advisor: Richard Allsbrook
    Homework Club
    Room: Library
    Advisor: Emma Gardiner
  • Wednesday
    Homework Club
    Advisor: Emma Gardiner
    Room Library
    Science Club
    Advisors: Henry Toulmin
    Room 147
    Advisor: Michelle Fox
    Room 207
    Bey Blades
    Advisor: Felicia Quesada-Montville
    Room Library
  • Thursday

    Homework Clubmework Club
    Advisor: Emma Gardiner
    Room Library

    Model UN
    Advisor: Sarah Hildebrand
    Room 214

    Advisors: Ruthe L'Esperance
    Room 115


    Garden Clubmework Club
    Advisor: Elizabeth Messina
    Room 136