• March 1, 2018

    Dear Incoming Sixth-Grade Families,                                                                       

    Welcome to the F.A. Day Middle School Community!  March is the month when we begin planning for the next school year, and I invite you to review the enclosed materials to help your child make some important decisions about sixth-grade programming.

    It is our goal to ensure each student is positively connected to our community.  To that end, each grade is organized into teams of teachers and students.  Sixth graders will be placed on one of four blue teams: Cobalt, Indigo, Navy or Sky.  Each team is comprised of team teachers who specialize in Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.  Students move from room to room with team classes clustered together to provide a home base for students within the larger school building.  With children from various teams, students will also take a world language (unless an education plan indicates otherwise) and various Exploratory courses in Technology Engineering, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education and Health.  Great opportunities await!

    Enclosed please find four important documents: 1) a Guide to World Languages at Day, 2) a Guide to Exploratory Courses at Day, which includes a Course Preference Form that you need to complete to indicate your child’s level of interest in various World Languages and Exploratory courses, 3) an Articulation Calendar with dates to note, 4) Instrumental Music Flyer, and 5) a letter from Day’s PTO about how to stay informed, how to get involved and how to register online for next year’s Directory and e-newsletters.  Please carefully consider the choice of world language since your child will study that language until high school. 

    The Middle School Orientation Evening for Incoming 6th Grade Parents will be held earlier this year on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Day Middle School Auditorium.  Following the orientation, the Course Preference Form described above is MUST BE RETURNED TO YOUR CHILD’s 5TH GRADE TEACHER NO LATER THAN Thursday, MARCH 29thPlease also complete the optional PTO Directory Information online (strongly recommended).

     The placement of students on teams is a very complex balancing process.  We are unable to accept any requests for specific teams or teachers.  However, if you have considerations that you feel are vital to the placement of your child (such as an extraordinarily important pairing or separation of students), please put them in writing by emailing to Donna Fisher, Confidential Exec. Administrative Assistant to the Principal, at donna_fisher@newton.k12.ma.us or by mailing a letter directly to me no later than April 13th .  We will not entertain changes once team placements are made.  You will receive information regarding team placements, student schedules, suggested school supplies and bus routes toward the end of the summer.

    In addition to the Parent Orientation on March 22nd, as part of the middle-school orientation process, I will be visiting 5th graders at their elementary schools to discuss the Day experience and answer their questions.  Finally, 5th grade students will also enjoy a visit on Step-Up Day, June 8th.

    We hope that you will be pleased with the positive and caring atmosphere and the rich learning environment that exists here at Day.  We are eager to make your family’s transition to the 6th grade as smooth as possible, so please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.   We look forward to having your child join our wonderful school community.


    Jackie Mann, Principal

    Articulation Letter and Calendar 

    6th Exploratory Descriptions 

    Guide to World Languages at Day 

    Day PTO Welcome Letter 

    5th Grade Parent Orientation Presentation 3/22/18

    6th grade Instrumental Music Flyer.pdf