• The PreACT is a practice ACT test, which is a college admission exam that serves the same purpose as the SAT.  The PreACT simulates the ACT testing experience by providing students early exposure to ACT test questions and predictive score ranges on the 1–36 ACT scale. This helps students get comfortable with the standardized testing experience and understand how they are doing in core subjects.


    The PreACT Test is normed for sophomores and contains four curriculum-based assessments—English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Students also receive a personalized view of college and career possibilities—based on their answers to the ACT Interest Inventory, which can help them to start thinking about career paths. Parents/guardians and counselors can use the data to help students choose high school courses most relevant to career areas of interest. More information about the PreACT can be found at www.act.org/preact.


    Since this is a practice test, PreACT test scores are not shared with colleges and will not be included on a student’s transcript. Once school counselors receive the scores in the winter, they will meet individually with each student to explain their scores and career interest results.  The students will then bring the scores and information home for their family to review.


    Facts to consider:

    • The cost is $30.00 and payment will be accepted through an on-line system. The details of the payment program and the time frame are forthcoming.
    • Fee waivers are available to students/families who are eligible to receive financial assistance and can be requested when registering for the PreACT online.
    • The ACT recognizes an alternate test date for religious purposes only. An alternate PreACT test date has yet to be scheduled and details are forthcoming.


    Special Accommodations:

    • Students, who are currently on an IEP or a 504 Accommodation Plan and want to request testing accommodations, must register, purchase a ticket, and then provide the following information, via email, to the Newton North Testing Coordinator: Student name, IEP or 504 Plan, and specific testing accommodations requested, as indicated on the formal plan.


    The Day of the Test:

    • On the morning of the test, students arrive by 7:45am and go to the library. Outside the library, the room rosters will be posted. Room rosters are in alphabetical order.
    • Students must bring their school ID or some form of personal ID.
    • Students should bring pencils and a calculator.
    • Students can bring snacks and/or water bottles, which will only be accessed during formal breaks.
    • The test will take approximately up until 12:00pm, unless a student is eligible for extended time, which may result in an extra hour.




    Testing Coordinator Contact Information:

    Questions regarding the implementation of the PreACT at North should be directed to:


    Sara Foley, Testing Coordinator


    Counseling Office, Room 105



    Brendan Amedio, Assistant Testing Coordinator


    Office 346