• Backup Google Drive Documents and Files

    Graduating seniors and other students who are not returning to Newton Public School can create a backup of your NPS Google Drive data. It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser on your home computer. It should be plugged into outlet during the backup process. There are two ways to restore backed up data from Google Drive:

    Step 1 NPS Google Drive Account

    1.     Log in to your NPS Google Drive account using Google Chrome.

    2.     Create a new folder in your Google Drive and give it a name (e.g. Backup or Migrate docs).

    3.     Select and move to the new folder all files you want to migrate to your personal Google Drive account or to save to your computer,
       external drives or other services

         4.    Right-click (Mac: hold the Control key while you click the mouse button) on your new folder and select Download.

    Google Drive download  

    5. Now Google Drive prepares a zip file containing the files and folders in the new folder you created. You will see the time it will take
               for Google to finish compressing the files and folders. Once it is ready, download the zip folder to your computer Downloads folder.

    6. Next go to the Downloads folder on your computer and unzip the contents of the downloaded .zip file.

    7. Log out from your NPS Google Drive account.

    Step 2: Personal Google Drive Account

    1.     Log in to your personal Google Drive account using your Gmail. Click on the Google Apps icon and then click on Drive.

    Drive icon  

    1.     Under Settings (the gear icon) select Settings. In the Settings window, there is a box you can check to “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format”. This option will automatically convert all uploaded files to the Google Doc format.

    2.     Locate the downloaded .zip file (check the Downloads folder), expand it, and you should see your old folders and files.

    3.     Drag and drop the downloaded folder into My Drive. When the upload is complete, the files will appear in your Google Drive.

    Step 2 NPS Google Drive Account