• To Expedite the Dismissal Process:

    • A student who needs to leave before school is dismissed - such as for a dental or medical appointment - is required to bring a note signed by a parent or guardian.  This note must be delivered to the Main Office before homeroom.  The Main Office staff will provide a dismissal pass to the student.  At the time of dismissal, the student should show the dismissal pass to the classroom teacher and leave the class at the appointed time.  The student should then present the dismissal pass to one of the Main Office staff before leaving the building.  If the student returns to school on the same day, s/he must report to the Main Office upon arrival to signing back into school.

    Student Item Drop-Offs:

    • A drop-off table is in place near the main office for parents to drop-off lunches, gym clothes, forgotten books/binders/homework, etc. (more valuable items, i.e.: glasses, phones, will be kept by main office staff). 
    • It will be the students’ responsibility to come down in between classes and obtain their items even if they are not sure if their parents are dropping it off.
    • Main office staff will do their best to page students down before lunch, but students should check themselves.
    • If it is urgent that a child receive an item, such as eye glasses main office staff would be happy to call him/her down to the main office.