• As you may know, the PSAT, created by the College Board, is the practice test for the SAT Reasoning Test that serves as a college entrance exam.  For juniors, it also serves as the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  Since the PSAT is a practice test, the scores will not be sent to any colleges or post-graduate programs and it will not go on student transcripts.  The PSAT tests two major subjects: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math. The total score range is from 320-1520, with one score for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and one score for Math, each within a range of 160-760.  Score reports will be received electronically from the College Board in the winter.  You can find out more about the actual test on the College Board website at https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10.


    Facts to consider:

    • The cost is $30.00 and payment will be accepted through an on-line system called Total Registration. The details of the payment program and the registration time frame is forthcoming.
    • Fee waivers are available to students/families who are eligible to receive financial assistance. Fee waiver requests are made when a student registers for the PSAT through Total Registration.
    • After a student registers and pays for the PSAT, they will receive a PSAT Practice Booklet, which will be available in the College and Career Center, Room 110.
    • The College Board only recognizes an alternate test date for religious purposes and Newton North is not an alternate test center for the PSAT. In this case, students who cannot take the PSAT on Saturday, October 19, can research other schools that give the test on either Wednesday, October 16 (primary test date) or Wednesday, October 30 (alternate test date).


    Testing Accommodations:

    Students, who are on an IEP or a 504 Accommodation Plan and want to request testing accommodations, need to apply to the College Board through the Special Ed Department. Please refer to the letter that was previously sent last spring regarding the test accommodation request. If you have questions, please contact your School Counselor.


    The Day of the Test:

    • On the morning of the test, students arrive by 7:45am and go to the library. Outside the library, the room rosters will be posted. Room rosters are in alphabetical order.
    • Students must bring their school ID or some form of personal ID.
    • Students should bring pencils and a calculator.
    • Students should not bring snacks or water bottles, unless approved by College Board Special Testing Accommodations.
    • The test may last until 12:00pm, unless a student is eligible for extended time through the College Board, which may result in an extra hour.



    Testing Coordinator Contact Information:

    Questions regarding the implementation of the PSAT at North should be directed to:


    Sara Foley, Testing Coordinator


    Counseling Office, Room 105



    Brendan Amedio, Assistant Testing Coordinator


    Office 346



    If you have any specific questions regarding the PSAT test and how it impacts your child, please contact your child’s school counselor.