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    Colleges Visiting Newton South Juniors this Spring*


    COLLEGE                                                      DATE                                       TIME
    Penn  State                                                       Monday April 10, 2017             1:45pm

    Merrimack College                                          Thursday April 13, 2017           1:45pm

    The American University

    Of Paris                                                           Monday April 24, 2017              7:45am

    Gettysburg College                                         Monday April 24, 2017              8:45am

    University of Hartford                                    Monday, April 24, 2017             9:45am

    Wagner College                                              Monday April 24, 2017              12:45pm

    Saint Anselm College                                     Monday April 24, 2017              1:45pm

    Johnson State College                                    Tuesday April 25, 2017               7:45am

    University of Alabama                                  Tuesday April 25, 2017                 8:45am

    Skidmore College                                          Tuesday April 25, 2017                 9:45am

    Swarthmore College                                      Wednesday April 26, 2017            7:45am

    University of Southern

    California                                                        Wednesday April 26, 2017            8:45am

    Franklin Pierce University                              Wednesday April 26, 2017            9:45am

    Elon University                                              Wednesday April 26, 2017             1:45pm

    New England Institute

    of Technology                                                Thursday April 27,2017                  8:45am

    Grinnell College                                            Thursday April 27, 2017                 9:45am

    Champlain College                                        Thursday April 27, 2017                12:45pm

    Lasell College                                               Thursday April 27, 2017                1:45pm

    MassBay Community

    College                                                         Friday April 28, 2017                       9:45am

    Nichols College                                           Friday April 28, 2017                     12:45pm

    High Point University                                 Wednesday May 3, 2017                  8:45am

    Drexel University                                         Thursday May 4, 2017                    8:45am

    Univ. of South Carolina                               Thursday May 4, 2017                    9:45am

    Ithaca College                                              Thursday May 4, 2017                   12:45pm

    Vanderbilt University                                  Friday May 5, 2017                          8:45am

    The University of Tampa                            Friday May 5, 2017                          9:45am

    Lynn University                                          Friday May 5, 2017                        12:45pm

    University of Tennessee,

    Knoxville                                                    Monday May 8, 2017                       1:45pm

    Salem State                                               Tuesday, May 9, 2017                         8:45am

    Bryant University                                     Tuesday May 9, 2017                          9:45am

    U of Delaware                                         Wednesday May 10, 2017                    8:45am

    Syracuse University                                Wednesday May 10, 2017                  12:45pm

    *Subject to change  


    NOTE:  All visits are held in the College & Career Center unless otherwise noted in Naviance. You must sign up to attend visits through your Naviance account. Remember you must have a signed pass from your teacher to attend. Passes are available in the College & Career Center, House offices or under "Resources" on the Guidance web page.                                                                                                                   

    Ths is the most recent list of schools scheduled to visit. This list will be updated weekly. It is highly recommended that you refer to your Naviance account and under the tab, "Colleges" review any additions or changes on a daily basis.