• Naviance

    Newton South has been using a Web-based tool called Naviance since 2005. The Naviance program maintains data on colleges all across the country and the world and is accessible (with a NSHS approved registration code) from any computer with Web access. In addition, Naviance keeps track of recent NSHS college applications, student statistics, and admissions decisions. Students and parents now have access to a wide range of college admissions information. Some of the features of Naviance are listed below.


    This feature allows students to keep track of the colleges they are considering and create an active list as they decide where to apply. Click on Colleges at the top left, then Colleges I'm Thinking About. Click on College Research to see the many ways to can learn about schools.

    College Search – Families can search for colleges based on numerous qualifications like location, size of student body, majors offered, cost, etc. Naviance includes information on over 6,000 colleges from all over the world in its database. Students have found the College Search feature easy to use and to yield quality results.

    College Lookup – It’s easy to look up information on any college of interest to you. Students can find out admissions requirements, majors and activities offered, and statistics about the student body at the click of a button. It is easy to research colleges as current college contact information is readily available, including a direct link to the college homepage.

    Scattergrams/Application History – Because we use Naviance to keep track of Newton South student applications and admissions decisions, families can access statistics and graphs that represent NSHS applicants to specific schools. These graphs show the SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of applicants (without names) and indicate whether the student was admitted waitlisted or denied. This data allows students to have an understanding of how their statistics match up to previous applicants. You are strongly encouraged to use this feature in conjunction with consultation with your counselor and Mrs. Brown in the College & Career Resource Center to create a well-balanced college list.


    Under the CAREERS tab you will find two self-administered tests called Do What You Are (click on Personality Type) and Career Interest Profiler. These features are excellent tools for giving students some insight into their personality type and how their pattern of interests and personal characteristics mesh with different occupational categories.


    Here you can put together a resume that will be useful when filling out applications, working with teachers and counselors around recommendations and applying for a job.