Our Mission

  • The Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF) ensures equitable access for students to participate in Newton Public Schools international education experiences by providing need-based global education scholarships to students whose families cannot afford the cost.

    GELF opens international doors to students, many of whom have not left the United States, some of whom have never been on a plane and none of whom would be able to participate in these programs without financial aid.

About GELF

  • The Newton Public Schools offer a variety of transformative international travel experiences across disciplines to countries like Mexico, Russia, Italy, India, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Cuba, Galapagos, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Peru, Spain, France, Panama, Puerto Rico, Greece, Australia, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and China.  These school-based travel experiences are offered at an extra cost to students, and not all families can afford the expensive cost of travel.

    Through promoting equitable access to trips, GELF:

    - Fosters an inclusive community that infuses aspects of personal growth, cross-cultural competencies and expanded world perspectives.

    - Promotes equity in education by overcoming affordability challenges and offering students equitable access to educational and travel opportunities.

    - Enriches the experience for all students in NPS global education programs by increasing the diversity of the participating student groups.  

    - Cultivates a community of globally responsive citizens and leaders.

    - Develops empathy, self-confidence, independence, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity.

  • Global literacy and citizenship skills are a key to all students’ future success. From Beijing to Berlin, Italy to India, GELF has provided Newton students the chance to develop these skills and better understand the world around them. Not only does your contribution benefit students in need, but their presence enriches the experience for all.
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