Newton Public Schools Global Education Programs

  • Studying abroad is an indispensable part of anyone’s education, especially in today’s increasingly global world.  Therefore, the Newton Public Schools offer a rich array of subject-specific travel & other global education opportunities. 

    Every year, NPS offers programs to an average of 10 different countries, including language exchanges, history tours, community service trips, science trips, international sports performances, and music & fine arts exchanges. Newton North and South each offer a slate of school-specific programs, while some programs run jointly between the schools.  NPS also offers international exchange opportunities for faculty in order to foster international awareness and understanding in the classroom.

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Why study abroad?

  • The world we live in is becoming ever smaller and more interconnected. Travel opens eyes to a different way of living and thinking, and helps us connect with those who are different from ourselves. 

    In today’s  world, students need exposure to global education and skills that prepare them to be competitive, engaged, and cosmopolitan global citizens. Students who participate in NPS’s many homestay programs, whether language or service-based, build bridges with their international peers and learn to function effectively in a culture different than their own.

    Traveling abroad in high school imbues students with an invaluable appreciation for diversity and for a plurality of perspectives. All students who travel with NPS, whether the experience includes a language component or not, return from their travel experiences with an expanded world view and an enhanced ability to collaborate at the international level. Students who study abroad in high school are more likely to study abroad again in college, and are also more likely to pursue a language- or global education-based career later in life.  Universities and employers give active preference to candidates with competency in another language or culture, offering major economic and educational advantages to students who possess these skills. 

  • For information about Newton's Global Education Programs, please contact:
    Yixing (Star) Lew
    Global Education Developer
    617-559-6400, ext. 454393