• Newton Public Schools Elementary Instrumental Music Lessons
    Method Books and Accessories In 2021-2021 -
    All beginning BAND students will use the method book, Accent on Achievement, Book #1
    All beginning STRING students will use the method book, Sound Innovation, Book #1
    Use this link for a complete list of books and accessories
    ACCESSORIES: The following is a list of recommended accessories. There are many accessories available to student musicians. Those items listed below have been determined by our instrumental music staff to be the only accessories necessary for beginning students.

    · Instrument case with an identification tag

    · Folding music stand for home practice. Music stands do not need to be brought to school.

    · For Clarinet & Saxophone: Box of 10 #2 reeds to start; Oboe: 2 wooden reeds, cork grease

    · For Euphonium, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet: valve oil/slide oil

    · For String instruments: Rosin

    · For Cello & String Bass: Endpin rest

    · For Band instruments: Cleaning kit (except percussion)