Early Childhood Referral

  • The Newton Early Childhood Program (NECP) provides a wide range of special education services for children ages 3-5, who are not eligible to attend kindergarten and reside in Newton. These services may include evaluation, consultation, therapy sessions to address specific needs (e.g. speech and language, physical therapy, etc.), and education in classroom settings. If your child is younger than 3 years you should contact your local early intervention program, and if your child is kindergarten age eligible you should contact your neighborhood elementary school.

    Concerns About Your Child's Development?

    If you have concerns about your preschool aged child's development you should contact NECP at 617-559-6050, to discuss your concerns and determine what next steps would be the most appropriate. Often, following a discussion about your concerns, additional written information is gathered from you and your child's teachers in order to make the most appropriate recommendations. In many cases, a child is then observed in his/her educational setting and our early childhood consulting teacher collaborates with the child's educators to develop and implement strategies for facilitating development. In some cases a child is referred for a formal evaluation through the Newton Public Schools following an initial discussion or after implementing strategies in the classroom. A consent to evaluate in area(s) of suspected disability is generated post parent conversation. Please be aware that prior to initiating any special education observations or assessments proof of Newton residency and occupancy, and NPS registration is required.

    Is Your Child Receiving Early Intervention Services?

    If your child is receiving early intervention services, your service coordinator will work with you to develop a referral packet for your child and choose a Transition Planning Conference (TPC) date, typically when a student is approximately 30 months of age. Once this packet is received by the Newton Public Schools the director or an NECP representative will plan to attend the TPC. At the TPC, the process for transition, including steps to the evaluation process as well as how a parent must establish residency prior to the evaluation paperwork being generated, will be discussed. The goal is to determine a child's eligibility for continued services prior to your child turning three years of age. This is so that Early Intervention providers can be present at the Team meeting to support parents in the transition, ensure that the Newton Public Schools will gain accurate developmental information about your child, and to make certain there is minimal transition time between early intervention services ceasing and services at NECP beginning.