Evaluations and Eligibility for Special Education Services

  • Special Education regulations govern the process of determining eligibility for special education services. For evaluations for students 3-5 years of age, evaluations are done only with parent referral and parent signature on an "evaluation consent" form generated by NECP. Once the evaluation consent form has been received by NECP, Massachusetts Special Education Regulations allow for thirty (30) school days to complete the assessment(s). When all applicable formal evaluations have been completed, participants meet as a Team to determine eligibility for special education services. The Team includes (as appropriate) the parents, community preschool teachers, early intervention therapists, and the Newton Public Schools evaluators. This meeting must occur within forty-five (45) school days of receipt of the evaluation consent form.
    If a child is found eligible for special education services, a plan that describes the child's learning profile, instructional needs, appropriate goals, and educational placement is developed by the Team. This plan is called an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). The specific services, settings for service delivery, and providers are detailed in the plan.