Special Education Services and Programs

  • The range of services provided by the Newton Early Childhood Programs is very comprehensive. The exact type and frequency of services, if your child is found eligible for an IEP, is always determined at the initial eligibility meeting.

    Monitoring and Consultation

    Many children benefit from consultation to their community preschool, and various members of the NECP staff, depending on the child’s area of need, can provide this. Some children are not eligible for special education services, but are regularly monitored through classroom observation or phone check-ins to be sure their development continues as expected.

    Related Services

    Speech & Language
    Occupational Therapy
    Physical Therapy
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    Orientation & Mobility

    For information on the Pre-K to Kindergarten Special Education Transition Timeline and other special education information please visit the Newton Public Schools Student Services website.