Lillian Radlo Artist and Residency Grant

  • Purpose 

    The Lillian Radlo grant is accessible to Newton Public Schools High School Fine and Performing Arts educators who are interested in supplementing curriculum and deepening the learning experience of students through a guest artist experience.  Residencies can be as short as a single class period, span several classes, or extended for months.  Grants are intended to support music, theatre, visual art or arts integration projects.  

    How to get started

    1. Develop a project idea
    2. Discuss the project idea with your respective Department Head for alignment and to gauge initial support
    3. Complete the application
    4. If the application is approved - to be communicated by your Department Head, request a W-9 from the artist as well as have the artist CORI/SORI'ed 
    5. After the event/performance, submit an approved invoice for payment to NPS Accounts Payable.

    Total grant awards not to exceed $7,500 annually.

Grant Consideration

  • Grants are accepted through the school year on a rolling basis.  Arts Administrators and Education Center Staff will consider each application on the following criteria:

    • demonstrated need for a guest artist 
    • impact on student learning
    • number of students reached
    • grants that support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and align with District goals.  
    Before applying, ensure that you have shared your programming ideas with your respective Department Head of Fine and Performing Arts to gain any relevant feedback and establish initial support.
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