Newton METCO Scholarship Program

  • Newton METCO Community Scholarship Fund
    The Newton METCO Community Scholarship Fund began twenty years ago to recognize and support Newton's METCO students. Over the years, the Committee's membership has included residents of Newton and Boston, as well as faculty and staff of the Newton Public Schools. Many individuals and businesses in Newton and Boston have supported the Scholarship Fund with their generous donations. 

  • May 2021


    Dear Friend and Supporter,


    Today marks the official launch of the 2021 Newton METCO Scholarship Equity and Excellence Annual Fund Campaign. This coming June, thirty- four Newton METCO Seniors will graduate from Newton North and Newton South High Schools. As they stand at the horizon of new opportunities, we want each and every one of our Newton METCO seniors to know they have the tangible support of their Boston-Newton communities.


    The members of Class of 2021 have faced unprecedented times as the pandemic exacerbates educational and economic disparities, and experiences of racial injustice continue to have a significant impact on the students, their families, and our communities.


    Now in existence for over 35 years, the Newton METCO Community Scholarship Fund (NMCSF) provides financial assistance to deserving METCO seniors seeking to pursue a college educationAs we seek to support our graduates, let us draw inspiration from the spoken words of Amanda Gorman, First National Youth Poet Laureate, on Inauguration Day, 2021:


    The new dawn blooms as we free it

    For there is always light,

    if only we're brave enough to see it

    If only we're brave enough to be it


    Please join us in donating to the scholarship fund today, and be a light of equity, justice, and opportunities for our Newton METCO graduates.


    With gratitude,


    The Members of the Newton METCO Scholarship Fund Committee



    Please donate by mail:
    Newton METCO Community Scholarship Fund
    P.O. Box 600053, Newtonville, MA 02460

    We are not accepting online donations at this time. Thank you.


Committee Members

  • Founders

    Lillie B. Jefferson

    1924 – 2014

    Samuel Turner

    1932 - 2015

    Rosalind E. Johnson


    Rev. Howard M. Haywood



    Honorary Chairpersons

    The Honorable

    Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

    Dr. David Fleischman

    Dr. Irwin Blumer

    Dr. Katherine E. Jones

    Setti D. Warren

    Dr. Doreen Wilkinson

    Angela Pitter Wright


    The Scholarship Committee

    Lisa Gilbert-Smith,

    METCO Director 2020-2021

    Waseem Givens, Secretary

    Peter Goddard, Interim President

    Courtney Leonard

    Anne Mikulski, Treasurer

    Lisa Reed, President

    METCO Director 1999-2014


    Advisory Members

    Walter Devine

    V. James Marini

    Maricel Sheets,

    METCO Director 2015-2019


    Special Assistants

    Jave Gladden

    Stacie Gladden


Mission Statement

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