Newton METCO Parent Board

  • The METCO Parent Board is an advisory committee for the Newton METCO parent meetings and program. There should be two parent co-chairs for the Elementary and Secondary levels. We should also have a Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as an Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. We should have a total of six members seated on the board. Each school within the Newton METCO committee's territory should have a representative on the committee chosen from among the parent members.

Parent Board Members

  • Co-President: Lucy Galvan

    Co-President: Nachelle Gordon

    The Co-Presidents are in charge of all programming. They run the meetings and initiate a vote when needed. The Co-Presidents are the liaison between the Parent Council and the METCO Director.

    Treasurer: Lori Ann Bartley

    Treasurer in Training: Ilianna Reynoso

    The Treasurer keeps the financial reports and the budget and reviews this information with the members at the meetings. The Treasurer may also be in charge of any fundraising activities.

    Secretary: Richelle Smith

    The secretary prepares the agenda for the meetings for the Co-Presidents and takes minutes of the meetings. The secretary keeps a minute book and may be in charge of any mass mailings done by the Parent Council.
    METCO Family Liaisons
    ----TBD---- - Memorial Spaulding, Bowen, Zervas
    ----TBD---- - Brown Middle School
    ----TBD---- -Bigelow Middle School
    ----TBD---- -North High School
    ----TBD---- -South High School
    ----TBD---- -Day Middle School
    ---TBD--- -Oak Hill Middle School
    ---TBD--- -Lincoln Eliot, Underwood, Ward
    ---TBD--- -Burr, Cabot, Franklin, Horace Mann, Pierce
    ---TBD--- -Angier, Mason-Rice, Williams 

  •  2  Elementary North
     2  Elementary South
     1  Middle School
     1  High School North
     High School South

Parent Dues

  • What are the Parent Dues for?

    • Meeting locations
    • Snacks for students
    • Student Activities
    • Honor Roll lunches
    • Cultural enrichment activities
    • Scholarships and Enrichment programs

    Parent dues are customarily paid by phone, in person or square Invoice when parents complete the Transportation Planning Form in the summer.

    However, dues can be paid throughout the school year.

    Currently, the dues are $60.00 per family. Cash & Money Orders are accepted. We are now accepting Credit Cards however we no longer accept checks

Newton M.E.T.C.O