Taking the MBTA

  • Using the MBTA is a viable option for middle and high school students in the Newton Public Schools. Student Charlie Cards (S-Cards) can be obtained in the front office at your student's school or from the NPS transportation department.  A student card is valid for one year, from Sept. 1st - Aug. 31st. A new one must be obtained each year.
    Funds can then be deposited onto the card on board a bus, fare vending machine and/or at a subway station. Funds CANNOT be deposited online. The S-card is pay-as-you-go and a maximum of $10 can be placed on the card at any one time. However, a monthly pass can be placed onto an S-Card each month if necessary. For more information on student Charlie cards, follow this link.
    Below you will find MBTA bus routes that serve our schools. Each bus number below links to its bus page on the MBTA website. You can also use the "Trip Planner" link on the MBTA site to identify the best route for your student.
    Middle Schools
    Bus 52, 57 - Park St. and Elmwood
    Bus 501, 503 - Park St. and Tremont
    Bus 52 - Adjacent to school
    Bus 556 - Walnut and Linwood
    Bus 59 - Walnut and Watertown
    Bus 553, 554 - Washington and Walnut
    Oak Hill
    Bus 52 - In front of school
    High Schools
    Newton North
    Bus 59 - Walnut and Mill
    Bus 553, 554 - Washington and Lowell Ave.
    Bus 556 - Washington and Walnut
    Newton South
    Bus 52 - Parker St. and Roosevelt OR Parker St. and Parker Rd.