Private School Information

  • In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Newton residents whose children attend private schools in Newton are eligible for bus transportation provided by the Newton Public School district.

    All students attending private school who would like to use bus transportation, must apply for a bus pass. Please see below for information in obtaining and submitting payment (if necessary) for a bus pass.

    The bus application can be found here. Please note that the application will ask for your bus stop. You can view the bus stops from last year here. If you do not see an existing stop in close proximity to your residence, you may request that a stop be added. To add a stop, please contact your school administrator or the NPS Transportation Department.

    The fees for private school students are the same as public school students. They are as follows:
    • K – 5th: No fee
    • 6th grade: See fee structure below
    • 7th-12th: $350/student. Family Cap = $700

    Due to state law, our 6th grade students follow the following fee structure: If you reside LESS than 2 miles from the school, you pay the fee of $350. If you reside MORE than 2 miles from the school, you do NOT pay a fee. To determine your distance from the school, please follow this link.

Private School Bus Stops