Bus Schedules

  • Below, you will find bus schedules for Newton and Boston (METCO) residents for each school. The schedule will tell the following:
    • The bus stops on the route
    • The time the bus begins its route in the morning
    • The time the bus arrives at the school in the morning
    • The time the bus leaves the school in the afternoon

    For the 2021-22 school year, please review your student's bus route. Stops and schedules have been updated to reflect current ridership. Please review the stops prior to the first day of school.

    Remember, the bus registration process will ask for your bus stop. Please identify your bus stop by clicking on your school name below. The stop will be printed on your bus pass, which you will download from Aspen and print or save to your student's smartphone.

    Check out this interactive map of NPS bus stops by school. 

METCO Early Release Bus Schedule

Bus Routes - Elementary School - 2021-22 School Year

Bus Routes - Middle School - 2021-22 School Year

Bus Routes - High School - 2021-22 - School Year

Private School Bus Stops