The Newton Community

  • Newton is a city comprised of a cluster of villages, each with its own set of characteristics. The city's population is varied, with a wide representation of socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. In addition, Newton is a participating community in the state-wide METCO program, a voluntary educational desegregation program that has about 400 students attending school in Newton.

    Newton has a history of pride in its school system, and the schools are well supported by the city. There is a high degree of parent and community involvement in the schools. The staffing and capacity of this large, fully inclusive school system allow for new programs to be developed to meet identified and emerging student needs.

    Newton's system-wide goals include:

       •Standards based education
       •Respect for human differences
       •Advancement of technology
       •High expectations for all students
       •Recognition that Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) is a goal equivalent to academics and that a SEL curricula is critical to student    
        development, including anti-bullying, stress management, and development of effective social skills
    Although you may be best served by having a car, many of Newton's schools are accessible by public transportation, including bus and trolley lines. Check with the individual school regarding public transportation information.