Technology Solutions and Services

  • The Technology Solutions and Services (TSS) is responsible for the delivery and support of information technology services to students, faculty, administrators and the rest of the Newton Public Schools community.  Technology Solutions and Services works closely with Instructional Technology, Library and Media to implement and support technology required for teaching and learning.

    Technology Solutions and Services (TSS) consists of a team of specialists who are responsible for network architecture, server framework, Information Systems and reporting as well as media & end-user device support. TSS implements and supports various technology initiatives beginning with analysis, design, implementation, testing to day-to-day troubleshooting and maintenance. The key goal of TSS is to ensure availability, reliability, and security in delivering a digital learning platform. This platform will enable seamless integration of in-school and out-of-school learning by providing access to the resources anytime and anywhere to students, faculty, administrators and the Newton community. 

Technology Solutions and Services Staff

  • Administrative Tech & Tech Support Specialists

  • Data Management Specialists

  • Help Desk Specialist

  • Network Media Specialist

  • Network Specialists

  • Systems Specialist

  • Technology Aide

  • Aspen Resources
  • TASC