MLEP-Music Lesson Extension Program

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    REGISTRATION FORMS for 2021-2022




    The Fine Arts Department of the Newton Public Schools offers students the opportunity for private instrumental music lessons for students in grades 5 – 12 through the Music Lesson Extension Program.

    Professional instrumental music teachers who work and perform in the Boston area staff the program as instructors. Lessons will be taught on a weekly basis beginning in the fall and continuing throughout the school year. Lessons scheduled during the summer months are not administered through the Fine Arts Department and must be arranged directly with your child’s instructor.

    Lessons will consist of instruction on a one-to-one student/teacher ratio for 30 to 45 minutes per week unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. Parental agreement with teacher recommendation for extended or combined lessons may be coordinated where scheduling is possible.

    Students who elect to participate band and orchestra in grades 5-12 are strongly encouraged to enroll in private lessons either through the MLEP or elsewhere. These rehearsal/performance ensembles do not focus on instrument instruction and rely on students developing proficiency on their instrument through private lessons and daily practice.

Instructor Referrals

  • The Music Lesson Extension Program operates on a referral basis. The Newton Public Schools Fine Arts Department has several private instructors on its roster that teach most musical instruments available in our band and orchestra programs.

    We make every attempt to refer students according to the days and locations they request, however, sometimes it takes several referrals before a match is found. The more options you provide on the registration form increases the likelihood that you will be matched with a private instructor.

    In the event that private lessons are requested for an instrument not available by one of our instructors, we will attempt to find a comparable service to provide private instruction and the $25 registration fee will be refunded. Also, students who are referred to an instructor on our roster but are unable to find a mutually agreeable lesson day and/or time the $25 registration fee will be refunded.

Scheduling and Location

  • It should be noted that security and space availability have been an area of concern in establishing past teaching schedules and lesson times. Lesson location and scheduling are subject to these concerns.

    Lessons canceled due to teacher illness or unavailability will be rescheduled. Lessons canceled to student illness, supplemental school programs (i.e.. assemblies) or student/parent decision will not be made up unless the teacher has the available time to reschedule. A maximum of two (2) make up lessons per semester will be scheduled for lessons missed due to unscheduled school closings, school field trips, and system-wide testing. In cases where it is known that lessons will need to be rescheduled, teachers should be notified at least one week in advance. In cases of student illness, the teacher should be called, in cases of teacher illness or unavailability, it is the teacher’s responsibility to notify schools and/or students affected prior to lesson times. Make-up lessons will be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion based on student availability during each semester of lessons.

    Due to space limitations at our schools, all lessons will occur at our secondary schools on specific days for particular instruments matching students’ requests and teacher availability. Lessons offered at elementary schools require permission of the principal and are subject to teacher availability.

    The school year will be divided into two (2) semesters with each semester consisting of fourteen (14) lessons and make-up time periods which allow for vacations and holidays observed by the Newton Public Schools.


    Invoices for the second semester are mailed in January each year. There is no break between semesters. The second semester will begin the week following the 14th lesson unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

    EXTENDING LESSONS: In some cases, students will complete two semesters (28 lessons) before the end of the school year. Students who wish to continue lessons are encouraged to speak with their instructor to determine how many additional lessons can be scheduled through the end of the school year. Fees for additional lessons are calculated using the following pro-rated fees for a single lesson: 30-minutes $27, 45-minutes $40.50 

Fees and Fee Payments

  • Payment must be made in full before the first lesson of each semester. Due to the complexity of scheduling and the time commitment of the professional staff, no refunds can be made once the lessons in a semester have begun.

    New students only need to send in the $25 registration fee with this registration form. Once a student is matched with an instructor, an invoice for the semester lesson fee will be mailed home.

    Returning students are encouraged to confirm their lesson schedule with their instructor by late-August. Semester fees are due before the first lesson of each semester.

    To ensure that students are matched with an instructor and scheduled in a timely manner, please return this registration form and the Annual Registration Fee by the first Friday in September.

    Newton Public Schools does not provide scholarships for private music lessons. Financial Assistance Waivers granted to families for fee-based programs such as elementary music lessons, transportation, and middle school/high school activities, etc. do not apply to the fees required for participation in the MLEP.

    New Fees as of 2017:

    Annual Registration Fee                          $ 25.00

    Semester Fee for 14, 30-minute lessons     $ 378.00

    Full-Year Fee for 28, 30-minute lessons     $ 756.00

    Semester Fee for 14, 45-minute lessons     $567.00

    Full-Year Fee for 28, 45-minute lessons     $ 1,134.00

    MLEP Instructors are prohibited from receiving direct payments for instrumental lessons.


    Please make check or money order payable to:


    Music Lesson Extension Program


    Mailed or delivered to:


    MLEP – Newton Public Schools Fine Arts Department


    100 Walnut St., Newtonville, MA 02460


  • September - June: Program Administrator, Carol Carter, 617-559-6160

    Fine Arts Coordinator, Richard P. King, can be reached throughout the year with limited availability in July-August Phone: 617-559-9090 EMAIL


    Emma Barker - strings (excluding Burr students) 
    Walter Bostian – trombone
    Misha Grandel – trumpet, French horn
    Ed Harlow – On hiatus for 19-20 clarinet, flute, saxophone

    Conrad Manhoff – flute

    Linda Poland – clarinet
    Don Robinson - trombone, euphonium, tuba
    James Voris - clarinet, flute, saxophone
    Geoffrey Wadsworth - clarinet, flute, saxophone 
    Richard Watson – trumpet