ELL Program Model

  • Sheltered English Immersion Model:

    Massachusetts state law mandates that all classes must be taught in English. In the sheltered immersion model teachers shelter their instruction to meet the needs of English Language Learners.  This means that teachers adjust the instruction to make the language and the content comprehensible. 

    • Elementary School: ELLs are placed in their grade-appropriate class. Depending on individual language and learning needs, students will receive in and/or out of class English language development instruction from an ESL teacher.
    • Middle and High School: ELLs attend English class with an ESL teacher to improve their English proficiency. They also may take ELL content classes depending on their proficiency level.  English learners in mainstream classes are often in academic support classes with the ESL teachers. 

    Notice Regarding Waivers:
    Parents have the right to request and sign a waiver stating that they prefer their children receive instruction in the native language. If 20 or more parents sign the waivers from the same language group, then the state law requires that the school district provide instruction in the students’ native language (content instruction in both English/native languages). Click here for more information on waivers.