Innovation Lab Partners

  • Founding Partners

  • PTC - PTC was the first vested partner to see, understand, and act on the vision of an
    innovation lab across NPS. They contributed with significant start-up funding and
    sustained in-kind grants of access to their award-winning software and training for NPS
    students and faculty.

  • The Village Bank - TVB has a long tradition of supporting NPS and the entire community.
    They were excited to continue that tradition by supporting the innovation lab with funding
    for the innovation bus, which will link the students and faculty across 21 schools in


Strategic Partners

  • Save that Stuff - Handled all the serious and costly logistics of securing, cleaning, and delivering the waste cooking oil for our nationally recognized biodiesel program.

  • mitseagrant
    MIT Sea Grant, The Grossman Group - MIT works closely with the Lab and the Greengineers on our Algae as Fuel project and the emerging research on bioengineered materials.

  • Earthday Network - THE EARTHDAY Network highlighted the Lab as a STEM Star program and contributed significant funding and in-kind services along with United Parcel Services (UPS).

  • legalseafoodpic
    Legal Sea Foods - contributed all the waste cooking oil for our biodiesel program, along with internships for our students in their quality control lab.

  • wholefoodspic
    Whole Foods Market - Partners with the Greengineers on our material re-engineering (cradle to cradle) projects by delivering a variety of post-consumer renewables.

  • biobuilderpic
    BioBuilder - Offers NPS faculty summer PD in the cutting edge science of Synthetic Biology at MIT Ecovative Design Partners with the Greengineers Lab in the research of biodegradable mycelium foam as a replacement for styrofoam.