Innovation Lab Programs

  • greengineers
  • Greengineers 
    Newton Public School's Greengineers program is leading the country in innovative educational opportunities. The Greengineers are utilizing Design Thinking principals to create a collaborative think-tank that combines, among other things, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Economics, Finance, Design, and Industrial Safety.
    As Greengineers, students in the think-tank design new solutions for known problems and issues that affect local and global communities.

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  • capstonebanner
  • Capstone Project 
    Newton Capstone programs guide high school students through a transformation of their classroom studies into practice in the field.

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  • newtonslab
  • Newton's Lab 
    The Innovation Lab of Newton Public Schools functions as an student-centered, faculty powered design lab for collaborative, solution-centered educational research and development.

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  • Short Film Festival: Every spring, Newton’s Lab hosts the “Petite” Film Fest, a night of little films and big discussions about film making with a juried festival of student produced films.

    Dover Legacy Scholars: The DLC was created as a wrap-around program to support NPS students of color and to help narrow the Achievement Gap.

    (SOS) Sustainable Oceans Summit: Working with MITSeaGrant, UMASS, NOAA, Boston Harbor Islands, the NPS science teams are investigating how to connect our students with the critical marine issues affecting the Gulf of Maine.

    City-wide Robotics: Newton parents are investigating the creation of an umbrella structure to coordinate FLL, FIRST Robotics and other robotics curriculum across the City of Newton.

    Mindfulness Project: NPS, Mass General and Down Under Yoga are exploring the idea of researching the impact of the connection between School and Stress.