• Newton North High School Math Department

    Most students want to study mathematics as a tool for effective citizenship, as a tool for functioning in a technological world, as a system in its own right, or as a fulfillment of requirements — high school graduation or college entrance. 

    Newton North High School supports students in these endeavors through courses that cater to a variety of interests and learning styles. All courses support students’ advancement in their knowledge of mathematical content and equally as important, their development and mastery of the Standards of Mathematical Practice. Based on the Common Core State Standards, our courses prepare students for state assessments and expose students to the content assessed on college entrance and Advanced Placement exams (when applicable). While progression through the content is an important part of the experience, our courses emphasize the importance of deepening students’ knowledge and understanding as well as their ability to thoughtfully communicate what they have learned.

    Throughout their experience at Newton North High School, students will have opportunities to interact with various technological tools to support their learning of mathematics. One way is through instruction that integrates technology as a way to emphasize the visual aspects of mathematics. Another is through lessons that may include student engagement with web-based applications like Desmos, Geogebra and Google Sheets. Throughout their 4 years, students will be taught how to use a graphing calculator to support their exploration and understanding of mathematical concepts. In line with Common Core Mathematical Practice 5, we desire for students to use appropriate tools strategically in a variety of problem solving situations.

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  • Jennifer Letourneau
    Math Department Head
    Room 460H
  • Beth Hobbs
    Academic Administrative Assistant
    Room 460