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    LESSON SCHEDULES WILL BE POSTED HERE - Check back between October 26 - 30.
    It is the intention of the Newton Public Schools that no student is denied participation in school-sponsored activities and bus transportation due to the inability to pay.
    Waivers are based on income and family size as well as special circumstances or temporary hardships. 
    UPDATE 10/9/20
    Registration Due Date - 10/16/20
    Our music teachers need time to create a lesson schedule so that we can begin lessons the week of November 2nd. 
    Here is an FAQ with more details about the program.
    ONLINE REGISTRATION & FEE PAYMENT for the 2020-21 school year:
    Annual Fees for Elementary Instrumental Music is $50
    Please register using MySchoolBucks
    Need a MySchoolBucks account? Instructions here
    Requests for Financial Assistance is now processed using MySchoolBucks
    LESSONS - 2020-21 lessons will be provided remotely.  The primary lesson blocks will occur on
    M, Tu, Th, F from 2-2:30 or 2:30-3 PM. 
    Schedules will be coordinated to match the student's A/B cohort. 
    Scheduling lessons will be time-consuming and our goal is to announce the lesson schedule by Friday, October 30th.

    Music is perhaps the most diverse discipline among the arts (dance, music, theatre, and visual art). The study of a musical instrument is an endeavor that requires an individual student's curiosity and desire to perform. The guidance of a skilled teacher and the constant support of parents or guardians are also a must. The Newton Public Schools takes pride in the fact that all of our elementary students are provided the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. It is gratifying that so many of our students develop proficiency in their musical instruments and remain in their band and/or orchestra programs through graduation from high school and beyond.

    Parents, please read this information thoroughly. There are several factors to consider when enrolling your son or daughter in this wonderful program and there are certain responsibilities that every parent or guardian must assume to ensure their child has successful experience in the Fourth Grade Instrumental Music Lesson Program.

    LESSONS - 2020-21 lessons will be provided remotely.

    Students receive one 30-minute group lesson per week. Groups are comprised of like or similar instruments. Lessons take place during the school day, however, in some situations lessons may take place during recess time. All lessons are scheduled in consultation between the lesson teacher, principal, and classroom teacher.


    Students and their parents must realize that regular daily practice is essential. Beginning students should make the effort to practice 15 - 30 minutes each day. These times can be split in various ways, but the only way to succeed in learning to play an instrument is to practice every day.

    CONCERTS - 2020-21 will not provide a live concert for the culminating experience.  Music teachers will devise alternate ways to showcase student success on their instruments.

    All fourth-grade musicians will perform a formal concert at the end of the school year. In some schools, there may be additional opportunities for informal performances or showcase activities at the discretion of the lesson teacher.
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