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Impact Testing Information

  • From the Athletic Trainer


    My name is Roni Bazile, and I am the Athletic Trainer at Newton South High School. I am sending this email as a reminder to complete the Impact testing before the start of the season. As a reminder, it is a requirement that all 9th graders, juniors and new Athletes take the exam; otherwise, they will not be allowed to participate in athletic activities.

    Normally, the test is taken in-person at Newton South. However, we are conducting the test completely online this year. The test typically takes 30 minutes with a time limit of 45 minutes. The test must be taken in one sitting. It is recommended that a computer mouse be used, but a laptop’s trackpad can be used without having any ramifications on the test results.

    To access the ImPACT Test, please go to www.impacttestonline.com/testing and input the Customer Code: JPNDN2IXSP. After the Customer Code is validated, "Newton South High School" should appear on the screen, and "Launch Baseline Test" should become an option. After your child chooses to launch the baseline test, they will be in the program. The website will open to a page that offers the following options: “Skip Additional Demographics” and “Enter Additional Demographics.” Please select “Enter Additional Demographics.'' The test starts with some basic demographic questions and a symptom survey to establish symptom baselines. Then, the test will evolve into several modules that will test memory and reaction time. It is crucial to complete all the sections and not skip any part. While the ImPACT Baseline Test cannot be “failed,” your child should still give their best effort so that we can establish an accurate baseline. There is no reason for the test to cause any stress, but it should still be taken seriously and honestly. ONCE YOU COMPLETE THE TEST FILL THE FORM ON THE SPORT MEDICINE PAGE TO COMPLETE ELIGIBILITY.

    ImPact Test Confirmation Form


    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the ImPACT Test, and I will be happy to address them.

    Best regards,



    Roni Bazile, ATC, LAT, MSAT
    Athletic Trainer 
    Newton South High School 
    140 Brandeis Rd, 
    Newton, MA 02459
    Cell Phone: 781-207-3691
    Office: 617-559-6614