Research Requests

  • The following procedures must be followed by persons requesting the use of facilities or students in the Newton Public Schools for research purposes. 

    1. A letter formally requesting permission to conduct research must be sent to this office by the principal investigator. It must include:
      1. Names and duties of all persons involved in the conduct of the research.
      2. Research goals.
      3. Relevance of research to the Newton Public Schools.
    2. To complete the information we need before making a final decision, the researcher must submit in writing a step-by-step procedure for the conduct of the research. Copies of all research instruments and permission forms that the researcher intends to use must also accompany the research request.
    3. The request will be evaluated according to the following:
      1. Is the research relevant to ongoing programs and activities? Will the study provide information that will be useful to principals and teachers?
      2. What assurances can you give which will ensure that the anonymity of students, teachers, and the school will be protected?
      3. Is the research design technically sound?
      4. Will the research interfere with normal school routine?
    4. Please indicate if you are collaborating with a Newton Public School leader or staff member when requesting your research.
    5. The researcher agrees to send a written report of the findings to the principal(s) of the school(s) involved and to this office. 

    The form linked below must also be filled out and emailed to:

    Dr. Katy Hogue

    Chief of Data and Research

    100 Walnut Street

    Newton, MA 02460 

    Research Request Form