• The Department of Teaching & Learning is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of curriculum and instruction, assessment, and professional learning in the Newton Public Schools.  In addition to Curriculum Coordinators, each of whom specializes in a specific content area, our department includes Home Education, English Language Learning Program, Newton METCO, the Creative Arts and Sciences Program, the Calculus Project, Newton School Volunteers, and the New Educator Induction and Mentoring Program. Together, we support educators in our daily efforts to ensure academic excellence, educational equity, and social-emotional wellbeing for all our students.

Our work is guided by our


      • Through collective action and reflection, we will develop all students' social, emotional and academic competencies so that race and other forms of identity are not predictors of academic success.


      • Every day, NPS educators actively build and sustain culturally responsive learning communities dedicated to nurturing all students' social, emotional and academic competencies so that each develops into an independent and life-long learner.

      Four Guiding Principles

      • 1. Collaborate for Academic Achievement

      • 2. Foster Safe and Responsive Learning Communities

      • 3. Teach, Model and Practice Cultural, Social and Emotional Competencies

      • 4. Build Students' Intellective Capacities and Ensure Access to Content

      • FAQs on New Literacy Program Implementation Fall 2023
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