• Step #2: March 14 through midnight March 25

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    1. Login to Aspen. View the courses that have been recommended for you by your teachers.
      If you need to change a course that requires a recommendation, you need to speak to your teacher and counselor
    2. Review the graduation requirements at NNHS.
    3. Assess your progress on graduation requirements.
      In the Documents Folder in Aspen: “February 2024 Progress to Grad”.
    4. Map out your course requests for next year. 
    5. Use THIS google form to request to have a recommended course deleted. (Only applicable to courses that aren't required for your progress to graduation.)
    6. Add elective and alternate requests in Aspen. Directions HERE.
    7. Schedule a meeting with your school counselor for some time before April 4. Be prepared to discuss the balance of your schedule
    8. Use THE google form to request alternates that require a teacher or DH recommendation.