AP Registration Final Deadline

  • AP Students and Families,

    The final deadline to register for AP Exams is on March 15, 2023. Please check that you are fully registered and paid for all AP Exams you intend to take. There are TWO steps to the AP exam registration process. Both steps need to be completed for an exam to be ordered.


    1. Exam Status must be marked "YES" on https://myap.collegeboard.org. Exams marked "NO" or "UNDECIDED" will not be ordered. To change your Exam Status you must email the AP Coordinator by 3/10/2023.

    2. Exams must be paid in full on https://www.totalregistration.net/AP/221548


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Total Registration portal will close at 5PM on 3/8/2023, as per their regulations. Any additional requests or changes must be submitted directly to the AP Coordinator before the March 15, 2023 deadline. To avoid confusion, please note that the March 15, 2023 deadline officially closes at 11:59 PM on March 14, 2023. Orders or payments made after that time will not be accepted.


    Thank you,

    Paige Perkinson
    AP Coordinator
    Newton South High School
    Office Hours F3 (Fridays 1:10-2:25 PM)