NNHS Nigeria Trip


      • The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) in which North students will be participating is a core component of Etinan Children’s Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (Formerly known as Dr. Ibokette’s Scholarship Foundation, it is incorporated in Nigeria under the name, Etinan Children’s Education Foundation, Inc). The Foundation provides various forms of assistance to a group of indigent and orphaned elementary school-age children in Etinan, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. This assistance includes medical and dental care, a feeding program, and the provision of various items of clothing and school supplies. More specifically, the SEP is a three-week summer school that includes recreational and field trip-related activities. As is the case in many rural parts of Nigeria, the elementary school that these children attend operates with very limited resources and under several socio-economic constraints. The SEP provides these scholars, the school and teachers access to these much-needed resources and expertise. Participants in this trip will learn hands-on strategies for leadership, mentorship and community service and access unique opportunities for educational and emotional growth opportunities. Through this process, they will also make essential, innumerable, and memorable contributions to the children’s academic, social and emotional growth. 

      What a Typical Day Looks Like

      • Participants will be working as classroom aides with the SEP teachers under my direct supervision. They will assist the trip coordinator/chaperone and local SEP teachers in a variety of in-class, outdoor and field trip activities. Their overall role will be like those of counselors-in-training (CIT). Classes start at 8 am and end at 3pm. Participants will also have some sight-seeing opportunities in Abuja (Nigeria) and visit and have an audience with local and traditional stakeholders in Etinan and neighboring villages and towns during some school days and on weekends.

      • City Etinan, Akwa Ibom State
      • Site of the Summer
        Enrichment Program
        Government Primary School, Ikot Ebo,
        Etinan Local Government
      • Date for Traveling July to August
        4 Weeks
        2nd week of July to 1st week of August
      • Average Cost $4,500
      • Number of Students 4-7
      • Number of
        NPS Chaperones
      • This Year's
      • GELF
        Financial Aid