Superintendent Search Committee

  • Applications have now been reviewed and the search committee has been finalized. The co-chairs of the superintendent search committee and School Committee members, Tamika Olszewski and Emily Prenner, announce the following members:

    Superintendent Search Committee Members


    • Tamika Olszewski, Co-Chair, School Committee Member
    • Emily Prenner, Co-Chair, School Committee Member


    School Committee

    • Rajeev Parlikar, School Committee Member

    NPS Staff

    • Terri Bancroft, High School Special Education Reading Specialist
    • Diana Beck, Principal, Zervas Elementary School
    • Jesse Brackett, Senior Custodian, Memorial Spaulding 
    • Ayesha Farag, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
    • Timothy Lesinski, High School Classroom Teacher
    • Kathy Lopes, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Jackie Mann, Principal, Day Middle School

    NPS Student

    • Phoebe Anthony, 11th Grade Student

    NPS Families/Community

    • Jessi Champion, NPS Parent/SEPAC Board Member
    • Amy Davenport, NPS Parent
    • Natasha Goddard, NPS Parent
    • Reggie Jean, NPS Parent, METCO
    • Dong Jiang, Community Member
    • Carl Finn, Community Member