• Food menus by school can be found using fdmealplanner.  To access the menus, click on the website link and then search "Newton" in the search bar. You will be taken to a page where you can select either elementary/NECP, middle, or high school. The website provides a customizable and interactive menu with nutritional and allergy information included.

    It is expected that Food Services will continue to experience supply-chain issues and delivery disruption that can affect the originally-planned menu.  Therefore, the menu is subject to change based upon availability.  Please check fdmealplanner weekly to ensure that your student is making menu choices based upon the most updated delivery information.

Meal Components

  • The USDA requires that all meals include at least three of five of the required meal components - meat/meat alternative, grain, fresh fruit, and vegetable, as well as beverage options, including non-fat or low-fat milk as part of the federal meal pattern requirements.  Newton Public Schools encourages students to take advantage of all five of the meal components, but only three - one being 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable - is required to count as a reimbursable meal.  

    At the middle and high school levels, a la carte items such as snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

Food Allergies

  • Food allergies in children can affect about 8% of students. In the Newton Public Schools, families, staff, and the school nurse work together to minimize the risk of exposure to food allergens and are prepared to act if an allergic reaction occurs. The Newton School Committee has set age-appropriate guidelines for students and schools. For more information on allergy management in schools, please review the School Committee policy Life-threatening Allergies  and work with your child's school nurse if needed to support your student at school.

NPS Wellness Policy and Guidelines

  • The Newton School Committee has a Wellness Policy that endorses the multiple policies that inform the district’s wellness program.  The policy as it relates to Food Services states that “All foods available in the Newton Public Schools will comply with the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Newton Life Threatening Food Allergy Policy and Guidelines.”