More about DLS

  • Who:
    DLS is a community within NNHS of young Black and Latinx scholars: students who work hard and are interested in pursuing their academics seriously. Scholars are involved in extracurricular life and are experiencing success at the ACP or honors level. They seek challenge. In their pursuit of challenge, they feel they would benefit from some extra support from mentors and from a group of peers with whom they can identify.  This program is designed specifically to combat the phenomenon of “Stereotype Threat,” a documented occurrence of anxiety that is often experienced by higher-achieving students of color in majority-white institutions. This experience measurably affects student achievement. Our aim is to make sure that Scholars feel supported and fully connected to each other and to all aspects of the Newton North experience.

    DLS meets weekly for homeroom and  for program-themed events, seminars, and field trips.  Scholars are each assigned a faculty mentor who meets with each mentee monthly, formally and informally, to help kids stay on track.  Scholars have access to the DLS study room’s computers, printer, textbooks, and study groups.  We connect students to academic resources, such as tutoring, and we encourage our Scholars to serve as peer tutors, themselves.  We believe in supporting students to work for a healthy balance between life in and outside of school.

     Being a Scholar Requires that You:

    • Maintain a B- in major subject courses
    • Take at least two ACP level or higher courses in major subject courses
    • Show interest in pursuing academics rigorously
    • Be involved in extracurricular activities
    • Demonstrate strong citizenship at NNHS and in community: be a leader
    • Be of Black or Latinx descent, show interest in learning more about history and heritage
    • Seek community among serious students within an affinity group
    • Support other Scholars academically and emotionally
    • Use the DLS room responsibly

    Application Requirements:  Come to our informational meeting on March 31: WIN Block, room 368

    • Applications are due May 2nd.
    • Completed application and thoughtful complete responses to questionnaire (via Google Forms)
    • Written recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or coach (via Google Forms)
    • Dean approval re: your comportment & citizenship
    • Final grades show success: minimum B- in major subject courses (math, science, history, English, and world language)

    Late applications will not be reviewed.