• Title 1 at Underwood
    Title I of the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act is one of the largest and oldest federally funded education programs. Federal dollars are provided for supplemental educational opportunities for children who are most at risk of meeting the state's challenging content and performance standards. To become eligible, schools have to meet federal requirements that are based on economic criterion. Students do not have to be from low-income families to receive Title I services. A Targeted Assistance program is one in which individual students in a school are targeted to receive Title I services based upon multiple, educationally related, objective, and uniformly applied criteria.
    Title I at Underwood has two primary objectives: to improve student achievement for all participating children and to improve parental and community involvement. The Title 1 grant promotes family engagement and home-school partnerships through a variety of outreach events. Underwood uses Title I funds to provide individual students with the greatest academic need with educational assistance through math and literacy programs. Our Title I staff is responsible for providing these services, coordinating with other school personnel as needed, and educating parents about the program and suggesting strategies and materials to support their child's learning at home. In past years, Title I funded a math and literacy night for parents, small group support and direct instruction in math and reading, and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.