Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Newton Public Schools are deeply committed to improving equity of opportunity and access for every student in our district. The position of Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was created in July 2020 to support this vision. 

    “Newton schools bring on first director of diversity, equity, and inclusion”

    The Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion works closely with school leaders to identify strengths and areas of growth through a lens of equity, and developing improvement strategies that will best serve each school community. Although this work feels urgent, the process must be thoughtful and intentional and will involve a thorough assessment of current systems and culture. The Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion partners with school leadership teams and values student, parent and community contribution.


  • "When we choose to be antiracist, we become actively conscious about race and racism and take actions to end racial inequities in our daily lives. Being antiracist is believing that racism is everyone’s problem, and we all have a role to play in stopping it." ~ National Museum of African American History and Culture

What Anti-Racism Really Means for Educators

    • Anti-racist educators believe in love. 
      Anti-racist educators understand that, in love, they must never be silent. Ever. Anti-racist educators understand that their positions as teachers, leaders, policymakers and social workers are positions of great privilege and power, and that they have the ability to leave this world better than they found it. 
    • Anti-racist educators study and are committed to deepening their critical consciousness.
      This means that we have to know how to identify racism; how racism is carried out and built in systems and structures; how people hold, sustain, maintain and perpetuate racism; and how people of color can internalize racism.
    • Anti-racist educators move away from checklists and embrace a holistic approach. 
      Anti-racist education and anti-racist schooling cannot be packaged or prescribed, arranged into a checklist, rubric or formula. Anti-racist educators recognize that schools are doing exactly
      what they were built to do in this country: Exclude. Silence. Erase. Promote white supremacy. They recognize, therefore, that upending racism in schools will end schooling practices as we have come to know them. 
    • Anti-racism is healing and love in action. 
      The ways that we as educators must care for ourselves and create educational spaces that center healing our students’ bodies is crucial. We must create educational spaces that tend to the harm and violence that has been enacted against BIPOC bodies and minds—specifically those of our children. Anti-racist educators recognize that this is the work of undoing, of dismantling, of liberating, of healing and of truth-telling. This is our collective work.


    ~Learning for Justice, 2020