Horace Mann Elementary School Project

  • Following the pause in progress related to the pandemic, the Horace Mann project is now moving forward again. The project has been officially added to the City's Capital Improvement Plan. The playground has been funded with federal grant monies and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022. Below are links to documents related to both the short term work and the long term project. 

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Building Committee Meeting - June 23, 2022 - 6:00 p.m.

Short-Term Horace Mann Elementary School Project

  • In 2013, the former Carr School at 225 Nevada Street was renovated to be used as swing space for a series of school building projects that would renovate and/or replace aging elementary school facilities across the district. Once renovated, the former Carr school was used as swing space to house students from Angier, Zervas and Cabot during each of these capital building projects.

    In 2019, the School Committee voted to move the Horace Mann School to 225 Nevada Street as its permanent new home. A number of additional improvements were made to the building and site to accommodate Horace Mann in this new permanent location. These improvements included adding air conditioning, an off street bus loop and sidewalk improvements, and interior improvements to enlarge several instructional spaces and other modifications.

    In September of 2019, Horace Mann opened at its new location at 225 Nevada Street. Based on feedback at a community meeting at the school on October 28, 2019, additional improvements were identified to be addressed over the 2019-2020 school year and over the summer of 2020. These improvements include: 

    • Two modular classrooms added in December 2019 to provide space relief
    • Installation of acoustic panels in all classrooms, completion of an acoustics study, acoustic panels added in the cafeteria and sound isolation improvements around the music room as per the acoustic study recommendations during the summer of 2020
    • Adding hand wash sinks on the second floor during the summer of 2020
    • Interior painting
    • Adding openings at playground fencing
    • Pedestrian access from Linwood
    • Playground structure and improvements
    • Wall moves to enlarge classrooms

    In addition to these short term needs, the need for a longer term capital improvement and building addition project was identified. The School Department identified planning funds and worked with the Public Buildings Department to hire a design consultant to begin the initial planning process for this project in February of 2020.