NNHS Global Buddies


  • To create connections between students and get a global education!

      Student Leaders

      • Ariana
      • Chiara
      • Diego
      • Julia
      • Nehir
      • William
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      Faculty Advisors

      • Amy Worth, ELL teacher
      • Claudia Wu, Center for Civic Engagement
      • Terry Yoffie, Center for Civic Engagement
      • Why should I join Global Buddies?

      • How does it work?

      • How do I sign up and when is the deadline?

      • Can I apply to be a student leader for this program?

      • When does it start and how long does it run?

      • Who can sign up?

      • What is the time commitment?

      • How did this program get started?

      • How are the matches made?

      • Do I need any special skills, like speaking another language?

      • Need Translations?