Oak Hill Middle School Classroom Addition

Oak Hill Middle School
  • Oak Hill Middle School is on the cusp of a significant and sustained enrollment increase. Current enrollment at Oak Hill is 632 students, but due to rising enrollment at the feeder elementary schools, enrollment is projected to rise significantly over the next few years. Based on the elementary school enrollment projections, Oak Hill projects to sustain enrollments above 700 students for the foreseeable future.

    To address this sudden increase in student enrollment, the Newton Public Schools and the City of Newton are moving expeditiously to deliver three instructional classrooms to meet the rising enrollment needs.The goal is to have these classrooms designed, bid, and built by the summer of 2021.

    The project proposes a new single story, 5,000 S.F. addition on the southwest corner of the existing school and fronting on Wheeler Road. The addition provides three classrooms to accommodate 75 additional students and includes two small group and individualized learning spaces, toilets and associated support space. The existing school building will have interior modifications to connect and support access/egress from both the existing facility and the new addition, and also includes required building code and accessibility upgrades. Details on the proposed plan are available for download.

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Project Update - April 28, 2021

  • Construction on the Oak Hill Classroom Addition project is progressing and continues to be on schedule and on budget with substantial completion on July 31, 2021 and final completion in August 2021.  In February and March, the contractor worked to enclose the structure and complete the roofing.  Interior work during this time included interior wall framing, rough electrical, mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler work and interior wall boarding.  

    The exterior brickwork began in April and is now nearly complete. Interior work this month has included fire alarm work, finish mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, wall taping and painting, bathroom tile, and ceiling grid installation.  IT cabling has been installed and procurement of IT equipment is in process.  Procurement for FF&E is also in process and will be scheduled for delivery prior to the start of school in September 2021.

    Upcoming work in May and June includes installation of finish flooring, ceiling tile, lighting, casework, lockers, windows and doors, as well as site work grading and preparation for the installation of the entrance ramp.

    The project team will continue to work with the contractor and Principal John Harutunian and his staff to ensure that the contractor is aware of the school schedule and to minimize disruption to school activities, including the upcoming MCAS test days.


    Oak Hill Addition Exterior     Oak Hill Addition Exterior

    Oak Hill Addition Exterior Brickwork     Oak Hill Interior Ceiling and Light Work

Project Update - February 8, 2021

  • The Contractor, JJ Cardozi, has been on-site since September, 2020. Interior renovations to create a multi-purpose room off of the cafeteria and a new gym storage and office area are completed, except for new doors and some finishes. The multi-purpose room was completed in time for the return of students in the hybrid model in December and is currently being used for the relocated technology program.

    The contractor completed site preparation, excavation and foundation work for the addition in December and began erecting the steel structure in January. Work continues to progress well on the addition and the weather has been cooperating thus far. Work scheduled in the existing building over the February break includes sprinkler work and electrical work. Work will also continue on roofing, the exterior wall enclosure and the floor slab installation at the addition. The contractor is aware of the school schedule and will continue to work with the project team to minimize disruption to school activities.

    The project is currently on schedule for a September 2021 completion date.


    Oak Hill Addition Without Beams       Oak Hill Addition With Beams

Planning Department, Development Review Team (DRT) Presentations

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