Technology Support

  • The district has created a webpage for technology and library resources utilized during distance learning. Please visit this page for all information, tutorials, tools, and updates.

    More specific information can be found on the Student and Family Technology Resources webpage.

    NOTE: Please remember to check your "Spam" box as we have reports that some mail messages from NPS are getting flagged as Spam. This means you may miss email updates on NPS happenings, Device pickup, etc.

    2020-21 School Year Device Information

    Students in grades PreK-12 will be provided with a device during the 20-21 school year. The following chart shows type of device by grade level:

    Grade Span

    Device to be Issued




    Non-touchscreen Chromebook


    Touchscreen Chromebook


    Distribution Timeline

    Devices are in high demand given the number of schools across the country engaged in distance learning. The following timeline shows that device delivery will be delayed until after the start of the school year. To ensure all students have access to a device, we will use our current supply of devices to provide to families who have no alternative option. A survey will be sent the week of August 31st. 

    Below is the expected timeframe for delivery:

    • PreK-2 - 2300 iPads. Expected ship date of Sept. 21st
    • Grades 3-8 - 2800 Chromebooks. Expected ship date of early September
    • 9th grade - 1000 Chromebooks. Delayed until January 2021.
    • Grades 10-12 - utilize devices already issued as part of 1:1 program

     NPS Loaner Device Instructions and Care Guide

    English   Chinese  Korean  Russian  Japanese  Portuguese  Spanish

    Low Cost Internet Options

    Please see low-cost Internet/phone options for offereings by local ISP providers.

    Student Gmail

    Newton Public School Gmail accounts have been turned on for all K-12 students. Click on the links below for grade-specific instructions.

    Accessing Student Gmail (Grades K-2)

    Accessing Student Gmail (Grades 3-5)


    NPS Family Tech Support

    We have created a dedicated email address for families to request technical support with accessing learning materials and/or student accounts. Please email us at:

    *Please note that this is not for troubleshooting home network issues. Please contact your ISP provider if you are having trouble connecting with your internet service.  

    High School 1:1 program Tech Assistance Request

    If you are having an issue with the school assigned Chromebook, please complete this Google Form:

    High School 1:1 Chromebook Repair Request

    We will contact you about the next steps in the process. 

    Please note: we have a very limited number of Chromebook loaners and we want to ensure we help those families most in need. Due to this, devices with minor issues that still allow the device to function may take longer for repari and a loaner.