Bus Registration

  • Bus registration is NOW OPEN for elementary students returning to full in-person school. You may register for the bus using the MySchoolBucks online bus registration portal at: www.myschoolbucks.com. For instructions, please read this document.
    You may register for the bus using the MySchoolBucks online bus registration portal at: www.myschoolbucks.com. For instructions, please read this document.
    New bus routes have been posted on the transportation webpage to accommodate the transition to the longer day for hybrid students on their in-person days. (until 2:00 p.m.).
    Bus routes for MIDDLE SCHOOL have substantially changed for the 20-21 school year. Please be sure to check your route and your bus stop as this may have changed from last year.
    All students who ride the bus must have a bus pass. To obtain a bus pass, please register online using our online registration process. To complete the bus application, you will be asked to include your bus stop. Don’t know your bus stop? You can find it here. Click on the name of your school to see the list of stops. Then, choose the stop that is closest to your residence.

    For those who have registered, payment information, including invoices, payment plan options and financial aid will be provided shortly. Please watch your email.

    If you have questions please contact us at bus_transportation@newton.k12.ma.us or call 617-559-9051.

Transportation Protocols

  • In February 2021, DESE released updated guidance for transportation. You can read it here: February 2021 DESE Transportation Guidance. (original guidance can be found here: July 2020 DESE Guidance.) Highlights of this guidance from DESE and recommendations from the Operations Working Group include:


    All drivers, staff and students on the bus, regardless of age, are required to wear masks at all times. Exemptions for students due to medical and/or behavioral reasons and associated protocols are further described later in this guidance.


    NPS contracted buses seat up to 77 passengers. Capacity limits have been lifted for elementary, middle, and high school students in low prevalence areas. For areas with high community prevalence, capacity limits for middle and high school students allow two students per bench. There are no capacity limits for elementary, even in high prevalence areas. 


    Students should be assigned to a single bus and a specific seat. Students from the same household should be assigned seats together. However, students from different households may sit together.


    Windows should be open at least two inches at all times during operation. In adverse weather conditions, every other window can be opened.


    Buses will be sprayed with fast drying tested and approved disinfectant twice a day, after the last morning run and again after the last afternoon run.


    Signs to be developed and posted in all buses with reminders of all protocols. 


    While students will be provided the option to take their grab and go meal with them at dismissal, eating will not be permitted on the buses.

    Special Education Transportation

    NPS in collaboration with DESE, the Newton Health and Human Services Department, Newton’s legal department and the Massachusetts Association of Pupil Transportation have worked diligently to develop a set of protocols for special education van transportation for both in and out of the district. This Initial NPS Transportation Guide has many similarities to the yellow bus protocols listed above with some minor modifications. Follow this link for the Newton Public Schools detailed transportation protocol.

Bus Pass Information for 2020-21 School Year

  • √   Bus passes WILL NOT be mailed. They will be posted to your Aspen account. Instructions for downloading the pass are below. 

    √   Students MUST have their bus pass with them to board the bus.

    √   The bus pass will include a seat assignment. The seat assignment will be printed on the bus pass. Students must sit in their assigned seat.

    √   Siblings will be assigned to the same seat. This means that they will sit on one bench that contains two seats. 

    √   If you do not have a bus pass, you MAY NOT ride the bus. Please do not attempt to board the bus without a bus pass. There will not be a seat for your child.

    √   If your bus pass has not been posted to your Aspen account, please contact our transportation department immediately at 617-559-9051 or bus_transportation@newton.k12.ma.us

    √   If you do not have a bus pass on Monday morning, please drive your student to school and call our transportation department to determine how to access your pass.

    √   Bus route information can be found on our website: www.newton.k12.ma.us/transportation

    Instructions for Downloading Bus Pass from Aspen

    1) Log into Aspen : https://aspen.newton.k12.ma.us/

    2) Click on Family Tab at the top

    3) Click on Child's Name

    4) Click on Documents Side Tab

    5) Look for and download Bus Pass 2020-2021 document

    For instructions on logging into Aspen, click here.