Resources for Families-PreK-Grade 5

  • Learning to get along with others and navigate social relationships is as central to an elementary student's life as learning to read and write. This section of the Newton Public Schools website provides resources on "pro-social" (how to be a friend, how to cooperate in a group) prevention work, as well as on understanding the dynamics of bullying and what to do about it.

    This page is meant to be a "go to" resource to learn more. We have put together a wealth of resources to help you to parent your elementary-age child, both now and as he or she matures. Not all the information here will be relevant to your family right now, but it is here so that you can pick what you'd like to further explore. As a parent, it is helpful to talk to your school staff as well -- classroom teacher, social worker/psychologist, principal.

Report Bullying Now

  • Report Bullying Now

    Before filing an incident report, we strongly encourage you to also explore other pages on this website to learn more about bullying prevention and intervention.