• STRIDE Program


    The STRIDE program is a district-wide program to support students with autism and related disorders in which learners have significant impairments in the areas of communication, behavior, social skills, academics, and adaptive functioning. The program uses the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to increase functional living skills, adaptive behaviors, independence, communication, and vocational skills. The STRIDE program is a substantially separate program, with general education inclusion opportunities, as well as, community based vocational and life skills instruction on an individual basis. Students primarily receive their instruction in 1:1 and small group settings using ABA methodology embedded throughout their school day.



    Amanda Watkins, Inclusion Facilitator

    Jill Cahill, Behavior Therapist
    Danica Beckford, Behavior Therapist
    Kelly Birmingham, Behavior Therapist
    David Padgett, Behavior Therapist
    Samantha Petracca, , Behavior Therapist
    Tary Scott, Behavior Therapist