Parent Expectations

    Be supportive of your child's total school experience.

    Expect your child to succeed and provide the necessary home support to make it happen. 

    Expect the Newton Public Schools to nurture and support high performance standards for your child.

    Keep informed of progress report and report card schedules; review and follow up on academic and attendance concerns with school staff.

    Respond to all telephone or written communicaiton from the school and the Newton METCO Program.  Initiate communication to school and Newton METCO when you have concerns.  Keep up to date by visiting our website and being aware of email communications.

    Address questions and concerns of your child's teacher, METCO Counselor and/or Principal.  (See METCO staff tab for your child's assigned Counselor.)


    Attendance Expectations

    It is the parent/guardian's responsiblity to ensure that their child attends school every day on time and ready to learn.  If a student is absent from school, parents must contact the school and supply any written documentation necessary, in order to ensure that the student is exculsed from school.  Family vacation is not considered excused absences.

    Studens who are absent or tardy for more than 10 days will receive a warning.  Students who exceed 15 days, will be placed on an attendance contract.  As a State mandated reporter, the Newton Public Schools adn teh Newton METCO Program would be obligated to file a CHINS report to the Supervisor of Attendance or contact the Department of Children & Families for neglect, if a documented patern of absenteeism and tardiness continues.


    Newton METCO Graduation Expectation

    Our expectation is that every student reaches their academic potential, experiences success in school and gradutaes from high school within four years.  If a high school student does not make adequate progress toward graduation by not receiving the necessary amounts of credits, steps will be taken to withdraw the student from the Newton METCO Program.