Residency & Change of Address



    To be eligible for the Newton METCO Program, students are required to reside in the City of Boston.  Once enrolled in Newton Public Schools, students and families must comply with the Newton Public Schools residency requirements, practice and procedures.  Newton Public Schools reserves the right to request proof of residency/occupancy when students are initially enrolled as well as the right to verify to verify residency at any time after enrollment, including requesting additional, updated information and/or investigation  if warranted.  Such investigation may include, but is not limited to, requests for additional documents and unannounced home visits.

    Full text and details of the residency requirements, forms, documentation of proof of residency, and residency investigations and procedures, can be found at the Newton Public Schools website. Residency




    The Newton METCO Program adheres to the same Residency requirements as Newton Public School with proof of residency in the City of Boston. 

    Students are required to reside within the City of Boston and Newton Public Schools may request proof of residency at any time.  If you have moved within Boston, you are required to change your address.   
    How to change  your address:
    1. Notify your child's school administration of your new address.
    2. Documents to submit to your child's school:
             Renting: Lease with signatures and two (2) different utility bills.
             Own a Home: Mortgage statement and two (2) different utility bills.  
               Living with someone in Boston or have no lease agreement: you will need to notarize and complete these forms, Pre-registration Certification.
    If you have moved outside of Boston, you are no longer eligible for the METCO Program.  Please see the "Withdrawal" tab