General Information

  • School Schedules


    The first day of school for students is Thursday September 9, 2021.  For all school schedules refer to the school hours on the NPS website.


    Early Release Days:




    School Cancellation or delayed School Opening

    "No School" and "Delayed Opening" announcements are provided on major radio and television newscasts by 6:00 a.m. and by School Messenger (district notification system used to broadcast information to parents and guardians).  Always make sure that  your telephone numbers are up to date with your child's school.  Newton Public Schools cancellations or delays may vary from Boston Public Schools or other suburban school districts.  Please note that you will not receice a call from the Newton METCO staff.

     In the event of a one hour delay for the Newton Public Schools, your child should report to their morning bus stop one hour after the designated time indicated on the bus schedule.  For example, if the designated time for the bus to arrive is 7:10 a.m., with a one-hour delay your child's bus should arrive at the that stop by 8:10 a.m..  

    Keep in mind that you should arrive at least 10 minuted prior to the scheduled time and be prepared to wait.  Buses may be delayed due to the weather and traffic.  When weather conditions are of concern, parents may want to get their children to earlier bus stops because the route is more likely to be on time.  Use your judgment in determining whether or not to send your child to school or to the bus stop alone during inclement weather.


    Back to School and Curriculum Nights

    Your are expected to attend the back to school/curriculum nights at your child's school.  These evening events often provide an overview of key educational issues.  It is also an important time to meet th staff and hear about academic and curriculum goals.


    School Supplies

    Help your child prepare for school by making sure that you have purchased the necessary school supplies required for class and homework.  If you are not sure what supplies are required, speak with your child's teacher.  You can also go to your schools webpage for information.


    Newton METCO Graduation Expectation

    Our expectation is that every student reaches their academic potential, experiences success in school and graduates from high school within four years.  If a high school student does not make adequate progress toward graduation by not receiving the necessary amounts of credits, steps will be taken to withdraw the student from the Newton METCO Program.


    Parent Expectations

    Be supportive of your child's total school experience

    Expect your child to succeed and provide the necessary home support to make it happen.  Expect the Newton Public Schools to nurture and support high performance standards for your child.

    Keep informed of progress report and report card schedules; review and follow up on academic and attendance concerns with school staff.

    Respond to all telephone or written communication from the school and the Newton METCO Program. 

    Initiate communication to school and Newton METCO when you have concerns. 

    Keep up to date by visiting our website and being aware of email communications.

    Address questions and concerns of your child's teacher, METCO Counselor and/or Principal.  (See METCO staff tab for your child's assigned Counselor.)